Discover “Bachkovo” water bottling plant

The bottling plant of spring water “Bachkovo” is situated in the picturesque area of the Western Rhodopes nearby the village of Bachkovo and 1.5km away from The Bachkovo Monastery dated from 1083. Natural spring Bachkovo together with the bottling plant are situated on the bank of Chepelarska river, in a form amazing marvellous canyon. Starting from the east end of the plant is the biosphere reserve the “Red Wall”, named by the highest cliff of the Rhodopes.

The essential importance of the wealth in the reserve from floral and animal species as well as the spectacular rock fenomenons, contribute to the fact that the reserve is enlisted on the UNESCO list of heritage since 1977.


Technologies and capacity

The bottling plant of spring water “Bachkovo” meets all the trends and choices of the consumers for healthy life achieved by drinking bottled water, which is appropriate for daily use.

The production capacity is 70 000 bottles per hour. The production process is continuous and automated with continuous laboratory monitoring provided by internal and authorized external laboratories. For the first time there is automatic equipment for bottling packaging with capacities starting from 0.5l up to 11l. The equipment is supplied from the leading Italian bottling line manufacturer Sacmi.

Bottled just next to the spring, the water “Bachkovo” remains untouched by human hand through the entire production process and thus you are able to enjoy its natural and refreshing taste always and anywhere.

The air purity within the bottling equipment is ISO 5 according to ISO 14644-1.

Изворна вода Бачково

The Bachkovo Spring Water is among the national treasures of Bulgaria. The local population knows the natural source for millenniums. In 1964 the Bulgarian state took a decision to ……. the natural spring. Today it is located at the border of the Red Wall reserve protected by UNESCO.

The water is a constant component and daily needed food by the human body and the spring water consumption results in life in harmony with the laws of nature, health and longevity. The leading advantage of the spring water Bachkovo`s content is its 7.23 Ph level which allows a daily use without burden the human body.

The naturally formed component and content of minerals and salts of the Bachkovo spring water meet the human body daily needs and make it optimum suitable for a daily use by the entire family - from the breastfeeding babies up to centenarians.

Bachkovo Spring Water is rich in hydro carbonates, which are of great importance for the human body proper functioning.

Bachkovo Spring Water possesses the natural balance of salts and mineral needed for the human development which is close to that of the world recognized bottled waters.


The Bachkovo Spring Water is available on the market in a modern and elegant PET packaging ranging between: 0.3l, 0.5l, 1.5l, 3.1l, 5l, 7l and 11l for the hot and cold market.

Following the already built market policy Nova Trade offers the new product at affordable prices, relying on extremely high quality.

Capacity (litеrs)
Брой бутилки в стек/
Pieces in a box
Брой стекове на 1 палет
Boxes per Europallet
Срок на годност/
Shelf life
Spring Water
0.30012208 2 Years

Quality and control

Бутилираща технология от световна класа и висок стандарт, запазваща качеството и чистотата на водата
от 100% естествен източник.

Following the company`s corporative and social policy the management successfully implemented an ISO 9001:1 a System for quality management and ISO 9001:2004 a System for an environment management.

The Bachkovo Spring Water production has also been certified under IFS Food v 6 standard – an international standard whose observance secure a permanent quality control and a filled product safety with level of compliance “higher Level” has been reached.


The Bachkovo Spring Water has a well established distribution network in the Republic of Bulgaria territory as well as in many other countries all over the world. The company has its own commercial facilities and transport means that supply the customers with spring water and soft drinks.

Bachkovo Spring Water welcomes and encourages any new distributors on its internal and external commercial markets over distributing and sales of this naturally clean product.

Upon interest please submit an email at [email protected] with a short description of your company and the territory you are interested about. The respective field manager would contact you and would place at your disposal any opportunities and terms for business.

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The Thracians Age

The lifestyle on the beautiful and fertile shore of the Asenitza ( Chaia ) River is one of the main reason the area to be settled since for-off antiquity. Numerous archeological finds dated back to the Stone Age show that the neighborhood had been inhabited even in the Antiquity. The Thracians civilization has been dated back to the second millennium before J.C. It is thought that the Thracian tribe of the Beci and related to them Travsi had inhabited those lands. Depending on the geographical location the population run stockbreeding, metal working and agriculture. A lot of strongholds, settlements necropolis and sanctuaries had been discovered. A lot of finds of different tools and objects from the Thracians` everyday life, vestiges of burials testifying of their lifestyle, religion and culture had been found. The Thracian horseman had been considered as a patron of the viticulture, the herds, the crop, as well as a God healer – briefly a general Thracians God.

As a consequence of many discords between the Thracian Kings in 46 before J.C. the Rome Emperor Claudius definitively occupied the Thrace and the Rodopa Mountains turning them into a Rome province. In ІV and V century some Goths, Avars, Huns and many other invaded our lands and only a few decades later and till the and of the VІІІ century the Slavs arrived from the Nord. In such a way the Thracian element lost itself amongst the multitude of Slaves who settled the Rodopa Mountains. The Authority in Byzantium, disturbed by the numerous Slav exodus, decided to erect a system of strongholds along that bordering area aimed at restricting the Slavs tribes access to the White Sea Thrace troughout the Rodopa Mountains. The stronghold close to the Dolni Voden and the stronghold of Asen have been dated at that period V century exactly. Still on a lot of places many vestiges of Romanian roads connecting the cities along the Aegean Sea with the High Thracian Valley could be seen. It is not by accident that the area is full of picturesque beauties and beneficial strength with a magnetic attraction. A lot of natural curiosities and cliff phenomenon are located nearby.

The famous cliff massive of Belintash is surrounded in some mysteries and legends which remain undiscovered even today. Located on a pictorial cliff pick raising 1225m above the sea level, Belintash is an old Thracian Sanctuary with nothing comparable on our lands. The Sanctuary itself is located on the top. There is a never ending spring on the foothill and in its close proximity a silver plate of the Thracian Divinity Sabasius God of the fertility according to the Thracian old cult has been found.

Bachkovo Monastery

Located in the Rodopa Mountains foothill at 400m above the sea level the village of Bachkovo is 9 km south far from the town of Asenovgrad, stretching pictorially along the canyon of the Asenita ( Chaia ) River. The village of Bachkovo had been founded in 1062 and its names comes from the tax of Bach ( a road tax ) which had been paid in order to go throughout the road to Smolian. A lot of ancient religious centers and amongst them a Crastova Forest are located in proximity of the Bachkovo village.

Half a kilometer far from the Bachkovo village the second biggest in Bulgaria and one of the most ancient monasteries of the Balkan Peninsula the Bachkovo Monastery is located. It had been founded in 1083 by two brothers from Gorgia Gregory and Abasius Bakuriani. Like most of the Bulgarian monasteries it had been looted and destroyed several times. The Holy Monastery restoration started at the end of the ХVІ century and the Church of the Holy Virgin had been built in 1604. Till today the Church keeps one of the most ancient woodcarving gilded iconostasis in the country, the wonder-working icon of the Holy Virgin Tenderness ( Eleusa ) – one of the Monastery`s biggest treasures. Made by unknown masters the icon has still not been able to be dated exactly because it is entirely covered by silver repousse covered; only the inscription “1311” gives us an idea over the approximate year of its made.

After the fall of Turnovo in 1393 the Patriarch Evtimii had been driven out and exiled in the Bachkovo Monastery. The exarch Stephan and Patriarch Cyril, the first Bulgarian Patriarch after Saint Evtimii of Turnovo had been buried there. In this way the Monastery turns in the only late place of the Bulgarian Patriarchs and a symbol of the Bulgarian spirit`s continuity. Rare species like a ginger, a paradise apple, magnolia, a china pine and a laurel tree grow there.

“Red Wall” Natural Reserve

The spring where the water has been taken from is located near one of the biggest biosphere reserve in the Rodopa Mountains – The Red Wall. The reserve is situated on the town of Asenovgrad South along the Asenitza River ( Chaia )`s Valley as well as along the mountain hill of Dobrostan in proximity to the Bachkovo Monastery. The highest waterfall in the Rodopa Mountains the Slivovdolskoto Padalo is there. The water falls from as high as 50 meters and the river ad shaped along its way a lot of small waterfalls and amazing rock forms in the soft limestone. The water is so pure and so clear that you can look at yourself in it. Another waterfall is the Bachkovo waterfall that had been shaped by a karst fault with numerous branches and bifurcations.

On the reserve`s territory as much as 645 plant species had been established as 38 of them have been included in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgarian. Amongst those species are the Rodopa tulip and many other endemic species. The natural reserve gives shelter to a variety of animals.

Exceptional vegetation

The neighborhood where the natural spring of Bachkovo is located is rich in some exceptional plant species. The most famous one amongst them is the Rodopa Silivriak, first documented and named in the Rodopa Mountains along the Aseniza ( Chaia ) River near Bachkovo in 1834. The Silivriak is famous also as an Orpheus Flower. The interesting fact over this flower is that it is like the mythic Phoenix bird. It has been established that it could persist more than 30 months without any drop of water and getting wet it restarts to develop normally. The flower gets into an anabiosis (suspended animation).

Gonda Voda had been branded historical site since 1970 and in 2003 it has been categorized as a protected neighborhood aimed at safeguarding the centuries old forest of black pines on the land of the Bachkovo Village. The area of Lale Bair has been branded as a natural curiosity in order to safeguard the natural field of a Bulgarian endemic and protected plant the Tulip of Rodopa Mountains. A protected neighborhood is also a field of a juniper tree next to the Bachkovo village established in 2003 in order to protect that extraordinary plant`s natural field. The area represents a field of many other rare and protected plants such as a Sempervivum Erythereum, Adiantum Capillius-veneris, Ruscus Aculeantus, Pistacia Lentiscus and many other.

Nature 2000

The common European ecological network Nature 2000 is the biggest European initiative over protecting the nature`s wealth and encouragement of the sustainable development in the areas with preserved nature. The establishment of that network of preserved natural areas is to be set by the European legislation and is mandatory.

Nature 2000 is to be established in order to implement common rules over European Union nature`s preserving. It has been based on two regulations of the EU: the Directive over the birds from 1979 and the Directive over the habitats from 1992. The conditions of the program does not require a termination of the human activities. The purpose is through its measures including financial support an economic activity to be stimulated which is sparing for the nature and in the same time contributes to the development of more undeveloped areas and opens any new opportunities to them. The aim is in the future a sustainable ecological, economical and social development of the areas with a universal importance to be guaranteed because of their exceptional natural wealth. The protected areas of European importance establish the ecological network Nature 2000. They are much bigger by surface than the preserved territories and do not restrict all human activities. To the contrary their aim is to protect the nature as a resource for a sustainable development of the areas that come under those zones.

Bachkovo and your health


The sufficient water intake is an important condition for the growth and development of young people. The natural composition of minerals and salts in the spring water “Bachkovo” makes it extremely suitable for the development of children from the very early age to very old people and allows unlimited consumption.

The spring water “Bachkovo” is rich in hydrocarbons- salts that are created only under nature conditions. They affect the main physiological activity of the human body and keep its alkaline acid balance. In combination with the sodium ions, the hydrocarbons help the regularization of the stomach secretions.

With the help of the spring water “Bachkovo” you satisfy the needs of your body in a natural and healthy way and get the energy that you deserve! The spring water “Bachkovo”- choice of life!

Salts composition

The spring water “Bachkovo” is a precious gift by nature. Water is characterized mainly with its salt composition. It is enough to check the salt composition of the spring water “Bachkovo” so that we can make sure how unique is its balance.
The spring water “Bachkovo” contains:

Ca-70.7mg /3.5 mgekv/l /– Calcium is a main part and very important element for the development of teeth and the bone system. It plays significant role for the normal work of all the muscles in the human body. The condition of the whole skeletal muscular system and the motor activity depend on it. Calcium insufficiency results in permanent and irreversible problems in the process of the body growth and its physical abilities.

Mg-7.8 mg/l /0.64 mgekv/l/- Magnesium regulates the work of the heart and the blood pressure. The body needs minimum quantities of this element but they are extremely important for the heart beat. In case of insufficiency of magnesium, there are disturbances of the heart rhythm, including young people, the body loses physical activity tone and the person suffers from tiredness all the time and is unwilling and incapable of doing his/her daily duties. Overloading the body with magnesium is almost impossible- most often if there are some illnesses. The water is the source that supplies the body with the quantities needed.

Na-20 mg/l /0.87 mgekv/l/. Sodium is a powerful regulator of the water exchange in the human body and determines the elasticity of the blood vessels walls. These features make it an important regulator of the blood pressure in the human body. For this reason the water must have maximum sodium content s to avoid insufficiency or overloading intake of sodium which is connected with symptoms such as low or high blood pressure and retention of liquids in the body.

K-3.1 mg/l /0.08 mgekv/l/- Potassium is important for the proper functioning of the fibers and muscle cells , keeps the acid alkaline balance and improves the oxygen supply to the brain. Potassium low or high contents may cause fast and bad disturbances in the heart activity, connected with conditions of life danger, long muscle weakness and decrease in brain activity. The optimal content of potassium in water that we drink is a precondition for regular physiological processes in the body.

HCO3- hydrogen-carbonates -231 mg/l /3.8 mgekv/. – Their main function is to keep steady acid alkaline balance in the human body as they improve the stomach work by deterring high stomach acidity. The acid alkaline misbalance results in serious consequences for the whole body and especially the function of the kidneys, lungs, liver. Hydrogen carbonates are supplied to the body mainly with the water intake and for this reason optimal quantities are necessary.

Cl- chlorides /chlorine/- 7.7mg/l /0.22 mgekv/l/. This element usually is parallel to the sodium presence. It has similar physiological features to the sodium that has additional impact on the steady function of the central nerve system and regulates the digestion system.

SO4- sulphates-69 mg/l /1.44 mgekv/l/. Sulphates improve the function of the digestive system, prevent the body from unfavorable influence of the fats on the body and participate actively in the toxin deactivation.

F- fluor-0.47 mg /0.025 mgekv/l/. Fluor is the most important element for the growth of children. This significance is due to its role in the steady growth of the body, teeth and their formation. Fluor insufficiency is more often and overloading is rarer. This insufficiency is one of the main reasons for caries, especially in cases with children.

The proportion of the contents of the spring water “Bachkovo” is balanced naturally, without human intervention. Practice and research show that drinking qualified water protects the body from illnesses and lengthens life. Pure water is priceless. It is necessary for every human being, no matter the age. Doctors recommend daily water intake of 1.5-2 liters depending on age, weight and daily activity. The spring water “Bachkovo” satisfies thirst and tastes good. Daily intake has only positive impact on all the systems in the human body. Low salts contents does not overburden the kidneys and prevents depositions in blood vessels. Human health is connected with the water people drink daily.

Types of water

According to Bulgarian legislation, “natural mineral water” is the water which springs out of a mineral water spring, is extracted from one or more nature springs or artificially built water supplies, has determined and permanent, within the limits of nature deviations, debit, temperature, mineral composition, contents of mineral elements and other components that give it specific features and clearly differentiate it from the non mineral water. It is microbiologically safe, its primary clearness and composition remain unchanged due to its deep and underground origin and protection from pollution of the mineral estate that it comes from and during the process of production all the legal regulations have been followed.

“Spring water” is water that springs out from a deep water horizon which is not a mineral estate and is extracted from one or more nature springs or artificially built water sources.

The spring water is suitable for daily use in its natural condition according to the microbiological, physic-chemical, chemical and radiological indexes. During the production process all the legal regulations have been followed and it is bottled in a factory that is directly connected with a pipeline to the water estate.

Table water is the water extracted from an underground or surface water estate, treated or non-treated, that fits the regulations of Order No 9 from 2001 for the quality of water that has domestic drinking purposes / State newspaper, publication, edition 30 from 2001, changes in edition 87 from 2007/ but does not fit the regulations for natural mineral or spring water and during the production process all the regulations have been followed.

Articles and publications


Prof. Emil Paskalev, D.M.

Head of Department of Nephrology at the Medical University of Sofia Head of Clinic of Nephrology and Transplant at ALEKSANDROVSKA University Hospital

Bachkovo and the environment

To nature with love - for cleaner environment!

Building the new factory for bottling the spring water “Bachkovo”, the management of “Nova Trade” Ltd has set the task of producing water in harmony with the environment, preserving nature clean.

The company collaborates with suppliers who have worked out systems for quality management, the environment and food safety, keeping to the main production principles. United in this way, the partners aim to decrease the damaging impact on the ecological equilibrium of the planet.

The spring water “Bachkovo” factory always improves the technological processes and works out new, eco innovations, and does the best to decrease the harmful influence on our environment and preserves the high quality of the production.

Заводът за вода "Бачково" отвори врати

На 26 април, фирма "Нова Трейд" ЕООД получи плакет от кмета на Асеновград д-р Емил Караиванов, който бе специален гост на откриването на новия завод за бутилиране на изворна вода "Бачково". Заводът е построен и изграден съгласно най-модерните европейски технологии и иновативно технологично оборудване.

Новият завод, в който са инвестирани близо 17 млн. €, ще даде поне 100 работни места на жителите от с. Бачково, Община Асеновград.

Новата марка вода ще се предлага в РЕТ опаковка (полиетилен терафталат) в количества от 0.5, 1.5, 3, 5, 7 и 11 литра. Капацитетът за бутилиране на предприятието е 70 хил. бутилки на час. Те ще се продават както за заведения и хотели (студен пазар), така и в хранителните магазини за консумация вкъщи (топъл пазар). От компанията определят заложените цени като "приемливи за потребителите".


Пловдивско колоездачно дружество

Балканиада 27-28.2013




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